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BCSSA Documents


Officials & Swim Meets

Alternate Swimmer Validation Form 

Speed Swimming Protest Form

BCSSA Scratch Sheet

Speed Swimming Disqualification Forms

BCSSA Official Relay Entry Form


Coaches Roster & Code of Ethics Form (2022)

PQT Individual (2022) - REVISED

 PQT Relays (2022) - REVISED

Long Term Athletic Development Model


Parent Relay Membership Program

Summer Regional Payment Form

Summer Club Payment Form

Winter Regional Payment Form

Winter Club Payment Form

Athlete Transfer Form

Athlete Assignment Form

Media Release & Waiver Form

'S' & 'O' Declaration Form

 Financial Assistance Form


Accident Report

Pool of Fame Nomination Form

Volunteer Recognition Form

New Club Application

Supply Order Form

BCSSA Privacy Policy

BCSSA Harassment Policy (June 2021) 

BCSSA Complaints Form (June 2021) 

BCSSA Prevention of Abuse Policy

BCSSA Codes of Conduct (June 2021)

Incident Report

Reference Guides


Club Facility Guide (2014)

Resource for discussing facility development with government.

Resource to assist your club with its marketing and publicity in the community.

BCSSA General FAQ Sheet

A great resources for new parents or members who may have questions about BCSSA and summer swimming in general (2012 copy)

High School Sports Credits

Swimmers can get credits towards high school graduation if they meet the requirements.

Coaches Code of Ethics Manual

All BCSSA coaches must abide by the following code of ethics, which BCSSA and member clubs adopt yearly.

Transgender Athlete Policy Overview

An overview of the new policy that will be discussed and reviewed at the 2019 AGM.

Officials - Best Practices

Best Practices - Clerk of the Course

Provides a quick overview and best practices for the role of Clerk of the Course at a swim competition.

Best Practices - Determining Official Times

Provides details on how to correctly determine an official time at a swim competition.

Provides a basic overview of being a lane timer and your role and how accurate backup times are important.

A reference sheet for the correct wording of many DQ's that can occur during a speed swimming competition.

Hy-Tek User Guides

Hy-Tek Meet Manager User Guide

User Guide for MM & specific for BCSSA.

Hy-Tek Team Manager User Guide

BCSSA specific user guide for TM.

Getting the Most out of Hy-tek TM

Guide to maximize the functionality of TM for

your swim club.

HR & Operation Guides

What does it take to be a swim parent?

Provides a platform and guidance for starting a new swim club.

2010 Legacies Now has provided a summary guide

on Risk Management for community sporting organizations.

2010 Legacies Now has provided this guide on

managing employees in community sporting


Provides financial guidelines for member clubs


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