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Criminal Record Check Program (CRCP)

Volunteers of BCSSA Member clubs can complete their Criminal Record Checks (CRC) through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). The CRRP provides criminal record checks free-of-charge as part of the BC Government's ongoing commitment to support the non-profit sector. Additionally, at no extra cost, volunteers may share the results of their clear checks with other registered organizations through the CRRP online service reducing the need for multiple checks.

Volunteers of BCSSA and our Member Clubs may use BCSSA's access link and code to complete their Criminal Record Check. Any volunteers that are administering, coordinating, or coaching children/youth programs, competitions, activities, or teams are required under BC Law to get a Criminal Record Check. 

To further enhance the protection of children, the CRRP will require fingerprints for those who share a date of birth and gender with a pardoned sex offender (vulnerable sector check) as per the national RCMP policy. These prints will be at the applicant’s expense as required by their local policy agency. However, in almost all circumstances, an individual will only be required to be fingerprinted once every ten years through the program.

If there is an issue with the criminal record check, the volunteer will be required to go through the current process through the local police service.

The BCSSA access code is unique and may only be used by volunteers at this time. The unique code is required when submitting the online CRC request.

To request the access link and code to complete a FREE VOLUNTEER Criminal Record, please contact the Provincial office with the volunteer's name

Key points

  • Ensure that you indicate which organization(s) should be forwarded the results of the CRC.

  • Volunteers will verify their identity using their BC Services Card and BC Services App.

  • Use of the online service will greatly decrease the time required to complete a check and will minimize any delay in obtaining the results.

  • The results of the criminal record check will be sent directly by mail and/or email to BCSSA's Provincial Office Manager.

  • Criminal Record check results may take 4-6 weeks to process. Please plan accordingly.

  • BCSSA policy requires that criminal record checks are required to be current within 3 years of May 1 annually. 

  • BCSSA Clubs must complete the BCSSA Coaches' Roster and Ethics Form annually.

  • If you are unable to complete the CRC access request form linked above, or have further questions, please contact the BCSSA office by email here.

  • Please note that successful completion of a criminal record check does not conclude a club's responsibility towards protecting their club's members. A full volunteer screening and supervision program, along with commitment to the Responsible Coaching Movement is critical for a successful sport program.

Additional information about the CRRP is available on the Ministry of Justice website.

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