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About BCSSA Officials

We welcome back many Officials who continue to volunteer their time over the summer and also welcome the new Officials who have decided to support the BCSSA and your kids.


Please ensure that you register yourself if you are a new Official.  If you ever have any questions, contact your Club's Director of Officials or your Regional Director of Officials.

* Information for Artistic, Diving and Water Polo Officials coming soon.

How do I move up the Officiating Ladder?








Moving up the officiating ladder will come with experience. The more experience you get in a variety of officiating positions, the faster you will move up the ladder towards becoming a master official. BCSSA has developed and operates its own Officiating Certification Program which is tailor-made for our programs and athletes. Detailed information is available about the program, and what positions you must gain experience in to become a deck Official. 

If you would like more information about the Officiating Certification Program, please contact your Regional Director of Officials or the Provincial Director of Officials.

Officials Duties & Pins

For more information about each deck position. Provides a quick overview of the Certification Program.

Rules & Regulation

 2022 FINAL BCSSA Rulebook

last updated and approved by the Board of Directors March 31, 2022

 2022 FINAL digital Rulebook

Official's Documents

Suggested Wording for DQ's (2019)

Officials' Certification Program (2015)

Protest Flowchart (2017)

Official's Checklist for Meets


These questions have often been the source of topics by the VP Officials in BCSSA's newsletter, "Wavelength"

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