BCSSA June Jamboree (virtual) Meet

Posted by BCSSA Office on Jun 21 2021 at 02:01PM PDT

Announced on June 16, 2021, BCSSA is hosting its first virtual provincial competition ongoing now through to July 4, 2021.

Further information and the Hy-tek files & meet templates have been provided to the BCSSA Regional Directors for distribution.

Entries can be made through Swimmingly, or a more traditional Hy-Tek.

Entering swimmers into the events:

  • Please enter all swimmers up to and including Div 3 in the ‘Junior events’
  • Please enter all Swimmers Div 4 and up in the ‘Senior’ events. (The only exception is 50/100 fly where Div 4 should be entered in the junior event)
  • It’s important that clubs are careful to enter the swimmers in the correct events as it is very difficult to move them once the swims have already occurred.

NOTE – This will apply to both the Swimmingly meet as well as the Hytek version of the meet

For those using Hy-tek:

  • BCSSA Regional Directors have been sent the files that clubs will need to do their entries into their Hy-tek copy.
  • Once the club has completed their races, they will need to export a file and send it to and * A screenshot showing the export procedure is linked as well. We will be compiling all the “Hy-tek” clubs into one master meet for results. We are also hopeful that the Hy-tek results can then be merged into the Swimmingly meet.

The Provincial database on our website will be updated following the meet, as soon as is possible.

If you have questions or would like the files sent to you directly via email, please contact Penny at

If you have questions about this competition or others, please contact Sean at


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