Province takes action with ministerial order to protect amateur sport organizations

Posted by BCSSA Office on Jun 11 2020 at 10:46AM PDT

The Province has made the process for amateur sport organizations to get back to play easier by protecting organizations from Covid-19 liabilities, provided they are complying with public health orders and provincial sport guidelines.

The Government of BC has created a ministerial order that protects amateur sport organizations, their employees and volunteers from liability.

“We want to make sure children and their families can get the benefits of physical activity and get back to playing the sports they love,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. “Many sports organizations are run by volunteers who need to make sure they are protected for risks related to COVID-19. This order will help cover that risk so people can safely get back to playing sports sooner in their communities.”

BCSSA Provincial Manager Penny Bartel said, “I am thrilled that the Government of British Columbia has worked so swiftly to make this ministerial order a reality. The order will make it easier for our clubs to get swimmers back into the water.”

As most insurance companies are not providing coverage for Covid-19 related damages, which limited our ability to provide sport programming during the pandemic.

The ministerial order protects amateur sport organizations and their representatives from damages resulting directly, or indirectly, from Covid-19 for amateur sports. For example, a sports organization or its representatives will not be liable for a participant in their sports program being exposed to Covid-19 as a result of participation. The liability protection would be in place as long as they follow applicable guidance, such as viaSport’s Return to Sport protocols (adapted within the BCSSA Return to Swimming and Aquatic Sports Workbook) and public health guidance on how to prevent the spread of the virus. This guidance includes encouraging proper hand-washing, regular disinfecting, limiting shared equipment, physical distancing measures and the use of wellness questionnaires and health self-assessment tools.

To view the ministerial order, visit:


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