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New provincial database provides access to a wealth of data to guide long-term athlete development and safely records and stores historical data.

British Columbia: Today, the BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) releases its new online results and records database, and accessible to all through their website The arrival of this online database brings together for the first time a wealth of historical data that can be viewed and manipulated a number of different ways in order to maximize athlete development long-term.

The database is the brainchild of BCSSA Coaches Representative Lee Vanden Ham (Nanaimo White Rapids Swim Club) who identified the need for new for a tool available to all athletes and coaches in BC.

“Coaches needed a way to find historical data on their swimmers, and the access needed to be easy and fast and reliable,” said Vanden Ham. “BCSSA had all the historical data but it was stored in the office files. This new online system brings all that data to our membership.”

Vanden Ham began work on the database during the spring and summer of 2020 when swimming pools were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the framework was coded and complete, the work to standardise and upload data began and continued through to the end of 2020. With weeks of testing and verifying data completed, the database is available for anyone to access.

The online database is designed with coaches, swimmers, and parents in mind.

Features such as regional rankings, individual swimmer data over multiple years and clubs, identification of provincial bests in all events will be particularly interesting for swimmers looking to improve their ranking regionally and provincially. Coaches will be able to build their best competitive team possible using the database features of point estimations, best relay team composition, and club comparisons, plus more.

“The database is going to continue to grow and develop over the next year with expansions planned to include provincial records & awards, as well as the continued uploading of historical data,” remarked Penny Bartel, BCSSA Provincial Manager.

The database is available online through the BCSSA website, accessibly by anyone, eliminating the need to track down past coaches or club managers, and enabling easy individual access from anywhere that the internet reaches.

Quick Database Facts (currently uploaded)

  • 136 meets
  • 11,079 swimmers
  • 263,616 individual races
  • 22,611 relay races
  • 63 separate clubs

Database Features

  • Point estimations
  • Best relay teams
  • Provincial and Regional Rankings
  • Club rankings for the current season
  • Individual meet schedule & results
  • Individual swimmer results, trends, personal bests
  • Provincial “best” in events
  • Club statistics

This represents approximately a quarter (1/4) of the total data planned for the website.

Members are offered a workshop on January 23 at noon to review the database features and uses, as well as to answer questions about the database. Advance registration in the webinar is required.

FREE Come and Try Water Polo in North Delta!

Posted by BCSSA Office at Jan 18, 2021 9:51AM PST ( 0 Comments )

In an effort to increase awareness and support the growth of water polo in BCSSA, the North Delta Sunfish Swim Club is offering free trials and a 50% ($100) rate to Fraser South Clubs for their U12-U15 Winter 2021 Water Polo Program. Sunfish still remains to be limited with a maximum capacity of 24 children in the pool at any given time, so there are limited spots reserved for Fraser South swim clubs.

Since we are in Phase 2 of the government’s Covid-19 safety plan, this is a good time to introduce children to the sport as the program will consist of water polo / swimming conditioning drills, low intensity technique drills and modified 2 on 2 drills (non-contact and 3m distance – merely to give children an idea of what to expect with a team-mate or opposition). The program will adjust depending on any updates to the Provincial Health Orders.

Winter 2021 session opens January 18, 2021. The first water polo session under this offer starts January 23rd.

What North Delta Sunfish is offering:

Junior Water Polo
This program is for children aged 9-11 years who want to build their swimming stamina and learn a new and fun sport at the same time. The program consists of both conditioning and fundamental drills.

Intermediate Water Polo
This program is for children age 12-14 years and is a higher intensity level training program than our junior program. The program aims to build stamina and further develop fundamental skills.

“Come and Try” Offer: 4-Week free trial ($0 + BCSSA annual membership fee, if applicable)
8 Session Fee: ($100 + BCSSA annual membership fee, if applicable)
Sessions meet Saturdays, 4-6:15 PM in North Delta

Jane Rashed
Vice President, Coaching

Andrea Mori


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New online BCSSA Results & Records Database

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Online Database is coming in 2021!

BCSSA staff has been hard at work behind the scenes creating an online results database that will fully integrate with our existing website. We are pleased to be able to announce that this will be live on our website January 18, 2021.

The database is the result of many hours of coding and uploading results data from the 2018 and 2019 competitive seasons, completed by BCSSA Coaches Representative Lee Vanden Ham.

“It’s taken a lot of work but I really think this will move our organization forward technologically while preserving our past. BCSSA has a rich history and it is important we don’t lose it. The new database is aimed to help preserve some of that data,” said Vanden Ham.

When the database is live it will hold the results and records from only the 2018 and 2019 seasons but the plan is to continually add all the previous year meet results until we have a complete and extensive record of all competitors within BCSSA events from 1999 onward (when results are available electronically.)

We will be hosting a webinar on January 23to highlight the capabilities and limitations of the database, as well as to answer questions that you may have about how to use it effectively in building your best competitive teams.

Registration in advance is required for the webinar:

(Please note that the link sent in the December 23, 2020 e-newsletter was incorrect. The above link is correct for meeting registration.)


BCSSA and Team Aquatic Supplies are teaming up to bring you a last minute gift idea that will bring smiles to faces of swimmers all over BC!

You can purchase a personalized BCSSA branded track jacket for the swimmers on your lists and $5 from the sale of every jacket will be donated to BCSSA.

Jackets are available for a limited time only (they must be ordered by 11:59 PM December 15) and will be available for pick up at the TAS North Vancouver store (2120 Dollarton Hwy #107, North Vancouver) before 5 PM December 23. If you need shipping, this is an additional cost of $15 but Canada Post cannot guarantee Christmas delivery unfortunately.

Every order includes the opportunity to add a personalized customization below the BCSSA logo (12 character limit) allowing you to put a swimmer’s name or club on the front of the jacket.

At only $39.50 + taxes, this is a steal of a deal that is a “blue ribbon win” in all ways!

Order your jackets today exclusively using this link:


The PHO Order recognizes that now more than ever sport provides important physical and mental health benefits to our communities, and as such sport can continue; however, within some new parameters.

The latest announcement from the PHO (December 2, 2020) has not yet been written and circulated and therefore, clarification on some of the points is needed. We anticipate that the PHO will release the official written orders within the next 24-48 hours so please keep an eye on the Provincial Health website for updates.

All organized adult sport & recreation activities are to be suspended immediately and until notified by the Provincial Health Officer. In other words, any and all organized MASTERS SWIM PROGRAMS are to be suspended with no activities until notified.

Youth sport & recreation programs can continue, with physical distancing and Covid-safe measures in place however:

  • Games & competitions must be suspended immediately.
  • Sport activities should focus on skills and drills training with no games or competitions of any sort.
  • No spectators are allowed at any sport activities under the order. The only people allowed to attend sport activities are those that provide care to a participant or player. For example, providing first aid. 
  • Travel to, from and between communities for team athletic activities like games, competitions, training and practice is prohibited under this order. If the athletes sporting activity is available in their home community, they must participate in their home community. They are allowed to travel to the closest neighboring community to participate IF they have already been participating in this activity AND the activity is not available in their home community. 
  • Masks are required in all indoor public settings. We recommend that you err on the side of caution and wear a mask in all indoor public settings, including lockers, change rooms, etc. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from this order but should be encouraged to comply if possible.
  • High performance athletes already training in B.C. and identified by CSI-Pacific are excluded from the sport-related restrictions.

For more information and to view the latest Wavelength newsletter, follow this link: