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This year our provincial meet takes place at UBC from August 17-23. The BCSSA with UBC has created an opportunity to book rooms in UBC’s residency. The options provided is a Private suite with six bedrooms, each with a single bed. Sleeps up to six people. Washroom with two showers (no bathtub), lounge with TV, wired internet, and fully equipped kitchen. Located on floors 2 to 9 in each Tower. Apartment does not have air conditioning.

Suite is sold at a flat rate of $338 + tax per night regardless of number of occupants; maximum of 6 guests per suite. Occupants must have the same check-in and check-out dates. When you book a credit card is required.

It is up to you if you want to organize with other families to split this cost. Each Region has a specific link to be able to book for this event. Each region is deciding on how to admin this event. Some regions are allowing each club to book on its own, other are requesting that the region administer it directly. I have included directions for each region, that is if you are from the OK region please use the OK regional link. This is important since each region has a specific allocation of rooms set aside for them. If all the rooms get booked, UBC has agreed to open another tower so if you are unsure to come, book anyways.

The link or request by email for each region is as follows:

Fraser South

OK Region

Vancouver District

Simon Fraser

Vancouver Island -yet to be determined

Fraser Valley

Caribou – yet to be determined

Kootnays – yet to be determined


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Hello All

Francis has been very busy this off season. Although speed swimming saw some minor adjustments to our rules, Water polo, Synchro, and Diving have had some major changes. Have a read in our new rule book. Don’t like what you see, let us know


Calling on all coaches to come and participate in the BCSSA coaches conference on April 24-26 at RockRidge Canyon. We will again have a great slate of speakers, and courses for you to be involved in. Come network, and enjoy the weekend. I promise you it won’t be a waste of time.



It has been years that we knew we needed to upgrade our Provincial website. Our hands were forced with the crash of our old site, and with staff changes it proved to be difficult to get to get a new one going. But it’s here and we would like to here how we did. Understand that building this site is a process and if some of our links do not work, we can assure you that will in short order. In the meantime please let us know if you like what you see, and if you would like something else put on our site. Let us know by emailing us @

Take a look at our Swimmers of the Week! Each week a region submits a swimmer and our sponsors from Team Aquatics and Speedo send them a prize and certificate! Be sure to send in your photos!

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